Pressing Issues !

I  dream of having my own etching press.  I have been extremely fortunate over the past 6 months that I have been able to access presses here on Bruny.  I had the use of an etching press on North Bruny Island for a few months over the  Christmas break last year.  Thank you so much Ian for the trust and the use of your studio space – it meant so much to me to have access to a press and have a special place to go and print. Thanks too Micky.   Here it is – a monster of a press that was fantastic to use –

 I recently heard about another press here on South Bruny, that wasn’t bieng used.  I was bold and ‘phoned and asked if I could bring it  to the Green Room and use it.   Yes……yes, the answer was yes !! Thanks to Alan Mansell – Bruny Island Printmaker extraordinaire – who is taking a spell from the ink at the moment.  Cheers Alan – you’re a Champ.     I am  so excited to have the little MES bench press in the Green Room for the next 2 months or so. I plan to be very productive……. Here it is: 


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