Rusting Paper

I’ve been Rusting paper and this is the result.  Beautiful, earthy, rich colours (the digital image does the colours no justice) !  I’ll use the papers for book pages or print backgrounds.  What a great and surprising process.

10 thoughts on “Rusting Paper

  1. Hi Jo, please can you share the recipes of the chemicals for this process, the colors are fantastic. I would love to have a go. I have tried to get hold of Di Harris and Jill Brose as I know they have done it – but no luck yet. Hillary in Auckland

    1. Hello Hillary, Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond.

      You will need the following :

      250g of ferrous sulphate per 5 litres water (Sulphate of Iron – from gardening shops)
      Caustic Soda – 3 tablespoons per 5 litres water
      Tea – 50 tea bags per 5 litres water (soaked in boiling water and squeezed out and removed)

      Make up the 3 separate solutions as above (just use kitty litter trays). Have a forth tray containing water for rinsing fingers. (wear gloves as the solutions will stain)

      Dip your paper into the tea, ferric then caustic and experiment with dipping back the other way to achieve blue/grey colourings.

      Have fun and good luck. I will email you some links to interesting rusting info.

      All the best, Jo

  2. Hello, can you please send me the additional information that went to Hillary and the others regarding the rusting of paper. I am doing it for prints and book papers as well but I am just starting out. Thanks very much.

  3. If you are still checking here, i am an encaustic artist and would love to incorporate your process in my work. It has such wonderful subtlety. If you are willing to share details would love to get details on how to get your results

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