6 thoughts on “Drypoint Collographs

  1. Hi Jo
    Your blog is looking amazing, its great, I really enjoyed browsing and I like your style of presenting yourself and your images. Thanks for sharing your images. I loved working in the print room with you on Thursday and our chat at morning tea, have a great holiday break, happy printing…love Rosie

    1. Hi Rosie, Thanks for your comments. I’m still getting used to “going public” on line with my images and printmaking thoughts & “stuff”. I’m still trying to link in with other Printmakers in the blogsphere and it’s all very new but exciting ! You have a great break too and I’ll see you next term in the print studio
      love Jo

  2. Boy oh Boy – I cant wait to get some crackle stuff for my collagraphs – what kind do you use – I am assuming its acrylic based. I am incredibly intolerant to anything with noxious fumes so have to be careful. I did a little house thing (3D) with tetra pack fruit juice carton this year – I posted about it on my blog)
    I will put myself as a “follower” on this blog. I hope you have that widget enabled from your layout options.

    Keep up the good work. Love thesis set of prints.


  3. Hello Aine, Thanks so much for your encouraging comments. I’ve added you to my “Reader” and look forward to your future posts on your very inspiring blog. I will link to you from here too – in my inspiring printmakers category . As for the Crackle medium – I don’t have a bottle of it here at the moment but I will let you know which sort I used. I know of some other folk that have used the really cheap stuff and you don’t get very good resluts from that. (I purchased the one I used from the art supply shop and not the “$2” shop) ! I don’t have a follow widget but prob should work out how to do that ! Cheers Aine, J0

  4. Hi Jo,
    My names Tilly, I’m studying collography in art and love your pieces. Can I have a bit of information about the artwork such as the – medium, title, technique and the meaning behind the artwork?
    Keep up the great work. Tilly

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