This week at college I’ve been proofing some collograph test plates and experimenting with the use of stencils.  Here are the proofs.  I created the plates by shellac-ing grey board and using crackle medium, glue, shellac and paper stencils to achieve the marks.  The crackle medium works incredibly well.   I’ll probably work the plates a little further with drypoint and print  them in at least 2 colours.  I’ve hand coloured the proofs with watercolour paint but I’ll try  chine colle at the next printing session.
Collograph    Headstand



 It’s all about the mark making at the moment  and I can achieve some defined and very textural  printed marks with the crackle medium – it prints up extremely well and conjures many ideas for future prints. 

 I have finally made myself a Drying clip stick thing a mi jig in the Green Room.  Easy to do – just any old piece of timber with some pegs nailed to it.  It gets the drying prints up out of the way and off the bench tops !  I’m starting to get the Green Room into shape and I’m trying to make use of the small space in the best possible way.  Boris has recently helped me to build  an above head paper rack for all my rolls of paper and this is also a great space saving device.

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