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 I tried  Zinc Plate Lithographic printing  last year at college for the first time.  Linden Langdon was our fabulous teacher.  I drew directly onto the zinc plates with lithographic ink using a nibbed pen.  I also tried some tusche washes on stone to try and achieve some good reticulation but didn’t get any good results.  I was totally inspired by Kaye Green’s reticulation that she achieves in her prints !   I must have another go at litho and try and get some reticulation happening.  I also think of Judy Watson’s print “back lash / cross dressing”  when I think of  beautiful reticulation.    Reticulation is what happens when the liquid drawing ink or tusche  dries and reticulates on the surface of the stone in the most astonishing manner, creating exaggerated billowing, web-like patterning.

I printed my lithographs on to pure silk and whilst they weren’t very successful as prints alone,  I loved playing around with layering  the semi-transparent silk prints against each other and against different printed backgrounds and photographing them.    The photographs (above) are way more interesting than the lithographic prints.  


This is what happened when I tried to get reticulation happening on a zinc plate.  I just got this mottled, spotty effect that is know as “toadskin “!  I quite like the photos however.  I tried again on stone but didn’t have much success with it.  I probably need to do some research on the technique.

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