How to – Intaglio drypoint collograph

Carol Nunan has initiated a “How to” on Collographs for this month.   Here’s my contribution.  I love this method because it is non-toxic and I get to recycle my milk cartons !    Judy Barrass  shared this method with me:

Step 1.    I save my tetrapak soy milk cartons  and cut them up to create printing plates.   The size of the carton will of course  limit the size of your print.  I have been lucky enough to have Judy send me some  tetrapak “off the roll”  so now I can use it for creating larger prints.

Step 2.  I Draw my image into the silver side of the tetrapak  with a drypoint tool.  Unlike drypoint on a metal plate there is no burr created so the printed line is quite sharp and crisp.

Step 3.  Next I glue the tetrapak to some cheap grey board with PVA glue.   I Shellac the edges and back so that stray ink can be wiped off easily (no need to shellac  the image) &  I trim the edges with  a stanley knife.

 Step 4.  Ink up the plate as you would any intaglio plate.  I use old phone book pages  and tarlatan for wiping back the plate and I use cotton buds  to wipe in the highlights.

Step 5.  Print onto damp etching paper using a press.

 Here’s a print made using this technique.  It is called “Yoga Mama”.  

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