I made some books…..




Dreams do come true !

I have just recieved word from Arts Tasmania that I have recieved funding to purchase an etching press !!!   I am over the moon with happiness !    Soon I will have a brand new etching press and some proper ink Rollers  in the Green Room.  HOOORRRAAAAYYYYY!    Thank you Arts TAS.    Dreams do come true.

Collage and embossing

    I have been working on a  intaglio collograph print for the Trek – Australian Footprints 2010 printmaking exhibition.    My print is about David Nelson, the botanist on Cook’s third voyage in 1777 – 1779.   Nelson made botanical history when he collected some plant specimens   from here where I live –  Adventure Bay, Bruny Island.  He  took his specimens back  to England where they were named eucalyptus obliqua.  Not only was the species  described from Nelson’s specimens but the Eucaluyptus genus was established.    Nelson was also responsible for planting vegetable gardens here in Adventure Bay and I read some interesting stories about his gardens  at the Bruny Island History Room.      I wanted to celebrate David Nelson and his journey with those first precious specimens of eucalypt, however my print (a collagraph)   has been dismally unsuccessful !!    After many attempts at re-working the plate and trying  to print it successfully – no luck !  I REALLY wanted to resolve it and submit it for the  Trek Exhibition  but  it has driven me ’round the twist and I’m at a stand still with  it.  I’ve decided to put it in the “too hard” basket.  Maybe I’ll revisit it  with a fresh approach at some stage but for now  I have to step away from the ink and do something different.   So…….. I’ve had a lovely day in the studio playing with collage and embossing.     Here’s one of my  collages – it’s called “Tree planting”.    It is made from magazine pages overprinted with a lino block, cut out, collaged and embossed. 


Paper Jewellery ?

I’ve just started a concept developement class at college  which encourages development of ideas for future work that can be related to current major studio practice or entirely unrelated.   For a while, I have been thinking about  breathing new life into my “failed” proofs  by transforming them  into wearable jewellery.   The print may be a failure but will still contain some beautiful moments and mark making.   I  am trying to capture these marks on the surface of hand rolled paper beads as an initial inquiry into my idea to turn my prints into jewellery.  I made some proto type beads  this week.  It’s cool to be taking my printmaking into an entirely different realm and finding a use for my scrap papers.  Might have to pop into the Jewellery studio at college this week !  Many jewellery related questions buzzing round my head !