Paper Jewellery ?

I’ve just started a concept developement class at college  which encourages development of ideas for future work that can be related to current major studio practice or entirely unrelated.   For a while, I have been thinking about  breathing new life into my “failed” proofs  by transforming them  into wearable jewellery.   The print may be a failure but will still contain some beautiful moments and mark making.   I  am trying to capture these marks on the surface of hand rolled paper beads as an initial inquiry into my idea to turn my prints into jewellery.  I made some proto type beads  this week.  It’s cool to be taking my printmaking into an entirely different realm and finding a use for my scrap papers.  Might have to pop into the Jewellery studio at college this week !  Many jewellery related questions buzzing round my head !        




4 thoughts on “Paper Jewellery ?

  1. HiJo – Just found your fabulous website! Lovely to see all your work in context with each phase of different processes. Thanks you for your kind words 🙂

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