Playing with shadows and light

After my little oily experiment last week and playing with  shadows & the light box, I remembered some photos that I took some years ago.   I have  searched the lower belly regions of my computer and dug them out.    With this set of photos I played with the idea of casting patterns with the shadows and light  and after playing with similar ideas last week I have obviously still got the same  ideas rumbling around in my head somewhere.   I’m not sure where I’m going with this  but I see great potential to use these shadow and light photos in combination with traditional methods.  I haven’t digitally manipulated these photos.  I am interested in using my photos in the raw state that they were taken and not manipulating them.   I imagine them as layers behind intaglio prints.   I have been reluctant to tread the tradigital path but how will I know how I really feel about digital if I don’t give it a go !?  I feel a  basic photoshop course coming on !





Oily experiment !

I’m doing some screenprinting at the moment.  Part of the process of getting the image onto the screen is to paint the phocopied image with a oily mix so that it becomes translucent and ready for transfer.  Whilst blotting the oily mix off my images I became aware of the “oily print” that was left behind and I began to take photos of these. 





I love the blurriness of these oily prints.  They remind me of batik prints.  They will make great digital backgrounds for some of my screen prints.   I think it’s really important when making art to let go of the notion of what you’re “supposed to be doing” and follow your intuition and act on your ideas when something unexpected happens.  I did no screen printing on Thursday as I was so carried away with playing with my images and the oil  and I took photos until my camera battery was flat !!    Once I’d exhausted all possibilities at the oil table, I moved to the light box and began to play with my images and shadows.  Here are some of my light box shots of “Oyster Catcher”.



Rediscover Bruny Island

We have a wonderful  Bruny Island Arts Inc. event just about to happen…..  An Arts/tourism/hospitality event for the entire Island!    Five art exhibitions will take place.    1) Photograhers of Bruny @ North Bruny CWA Hall      2) Self contained on Bruny  3D exhibition @ Dennes Point Hall       3)  Artists from the Island Exhibition @ Adventure Bay hall       4)   Craft of the Island  @ Lunawanna Hall     5)   “Sole” Sculpture trail on labilladiere Estate.       Art @ the Point Gallery at Dennes Point will also be open and showcasing the work of Island Aritsts for the duration of the exhibition.   An Art Trail has been mapped out  and  Maps are available locally and in Hobart.   There are also a number of Artists that will have open stuidios and Bruny’s local businesses are bieng showcased.   The festival will run from 21st – 29th August 2010.  Come on over to Bruny !!
  Thanks to Megan and Irene for organising the event.   For more info you can Contact Irene Cowell 6293 1319 or Megan Weston 6293 1015