Oily experiment !

I’m doing some screenprinting at the moment.  Part of the process of getting the image onto the screen is to paint the phocopied image with a oily mix so that it becomes translucent and ready for transfer.  Whilst blotting the oily mix off my images I became aware of the “oily print” that was left behind and I began to take photos of these. 





I love the blurriness of these oily prints.  They remind me of batik prints.  They will make great digital backgrounds for some of my screen prints.   I think it’s really important when making art to let go of the notion of what you’re “supposed to be doing” and follow your intuition and act on your ideas when something unexpected happens.  I did no screen printing on Thursday as I was so carried away with playing with my images and the oil  and I took photos until my camera battery was flat !!    Once I’d exhausted all possibilities at the oil table, I moved to the light box and began to play with my images and shadows.  Here are some of my light box shots of “Oyster Catcher”.



4 thoughts on “Oily experiment !

  1. These are terrific! You are so right about using all the opportunities that come along, and you have done so beautifully here. These will make a wonderful series. I look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks Amanda. It was such an unexpected thing to happen in my screen printing class and I just ran with it. I can see great opportunity for use of these images in conjunction with other traditional print making techniques. I don’t want to use these images on their own as I don’t like the “dead surface” that is characteristic of a digital print. I’ll combine these images with other printmaking techniques and embossing that will give them a surface texture. Jo

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