Playing with shadows and light

After my little oily experiment last week and playing with  shadows & the light box, I remembered some photos that I took some years ago.   I have  searched the lower belly regions of my computer and dug them out.    With this set of photos I played with the idea of casting patterns with the shadows and light  and after playing with similar ideas last week I have obviously still got the same  ideas rumbling around in my head somewhere.   I’m not sure where I’m going with this  but I see great potential to use these shadow and light photos in combination with traditional methods.  I haven’t digitally manipulated these photos.  I am interested in using my photos in the raw state that they were taken and not manipulating them.   I imagine them as layers behind intaglio prints.   I have been reluctant to tread the tradigital path but how will I know how I really feel about digital if I don’t give it a go !?  I feel a  basic photoshop course coming on !




2 thoughts on “Playing with shadows and light

    1. Good morning Aine, Yes, that’s what I was thinking – printing them with archival ink onto hanhemulhe rag paper and overprinting by traditional means and embossing. I have done this recently at college but needed lots of help with the digital layout as I don’t know “photoshop”. I don’t want to manipulate my photos – just use them in the raw state that they are in as layers. I have an internal battle going on about digital prints and wasn’t sure if I wanted to move in that direction. I guess I won’t truly know how I feel about digital unless I give it a go. Yes the tradigital path is definatley calling me at the moment!!!

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