I’ve bee working on some black and white collages for the Bruny Island Bird Festival Art Exhibition which is coming up at the end of October.  It’s great to be making use of all my failed prints and there’s something very satisfying about tearing them into tiny pieces, re-inventing and transforming them into something new and entirely different.   I keep returning to imagery of  “Wren on the Rocks”    and the  collage of the flying parrot is about the risk of  window collision for birds.   Off to the Green Room to work on some more……….


There are only 50 left !

I’ve been thinking about the plight of the orange bellied parrot and the sad fact that there are only  50 birds left in the wild.    I’ve been thinking about the fact that extinction is forever.  I’ve been thinking about what it means to be “critically endangered”.  I’m using my “failed prints”  to make  50 paper cuts of the Orange Bellied Parrot to highlight the plight of this little guy. 

I went to a  “de-construction”  workshop at Hunter Island Press on the weekend hosted by the wonderful,  intuitive and enthusiastic Kaye Green.  The workshop was  part of the PCA’s print forum.   Kaye helped me to focus on my OBP papecut project and  put my other ideas on the back burner for a while.  Sometimes I have so many ideas  rattling around my brain  and I try to manifest them all at once instead of just concentrating on one thing at a time !    I’m learning that this is my way and  I’m trying to reign myself in and focus on one project at a time instead of bieng so scattered with my work.     I see  many unfinished projects  and works in progress  ’round my studio as evidence of this trait !!!       I may put some text with this papercut work …words that have been flying round my head like   – miracle, flight, wings, orange bellied, feathered  friend, looming extinction, critically endangered, threatened, salt marsh habitat, breeding, wild, population, migration, rehabilitation, recovery…………………….

I love the  shadows created by my papercuts.  They add depth and a three dimensionality.