I managed to squeeze in some letterpress at college last week to finish off my “50 Words for 50 Birds” piece for the Bruny Island Bird Festival.   Gillbert  is our techy at college and he is incredibly knowlegeable and helpful when it comes to all things print making.   I haven’t done much letter press before and it took a couple of hours to set this little bit of text.  Each letter has to be set individually.  It’s astounding to think that all our newpapers were once printed in this way.   It’s difficult to read upside down and back to front but you get the hang of it after a while  and with the help of sense of touch (there’s  little grooves on the front of each letter)  I found my hands and brain  moving a little quicker  by the time the text was set.

With Gil’s help, I printed my text on this lovely old Vandercook proofing press.

2 thoughts on “Letterpress

    1. Hi Kim, Yes, I’ve finished the piece and have had it framed for the Bird Fest. I’ll post a photo of it soon. Letterpress is awesome…..I’d like to to a night course with Gil next year.

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