Looming entanglement II

Looming Entaglement II  –  Steel plate Etching / aquatint  – edition of 20

Commercial fishing practices are a constant threat to sea birds.  Globally, thousands of seabirds are killed in each year when they become hooked or become entangled in commercial fishing nets.   My first etching with aquatint “Looming entanglement II” speaks of this threat to our seabirds. 

I’m still trying to get my head around aquatint and the fact that you are adding the light to create tonal values – working in reverse again  as in many printmaking processes.  This is definately a technique that I want to explore further and after bin diving last week to “rescue” some steel plate – I am excited about creating more etchings using the aquatint method on my newly acquired plates !

One thought on “Looming entanglement II

  1. I have just caught up on your blog and you are doing some really exciting work. Squee! You have made me all excited as well. This is counterbalanced of course by my sadness at the plight of the birds. I reckon that you and I should have an exhibition together next year with a bird theme.

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