The Arrival

My Press has finally arrived from Melbourne Etching Supplies.   I could hardly contain my excitement as Boris pulled into the driveway yesterday with my press on the back of the Ute.      I feel so thrilled to have a press here on Bruny.   It is amazing to have such a beautiful press just a couple of steps away in my studio instead of having to travel up to town for a print session.   Thanks to Boris and T-bone it didn’t take long to unpack, carry down (all 170 kgs),  assemble and level.    Thanks guys. 

I’ve lightly oiled the bed and rollers (I live right beside  the sea and I’m so worried about rust !!),  I’ve trimmed the blankets down to size and I’m ready to print.   My dear old dog, Cedar,  died a week before Christmas – so it seems only fitting that the first print I do on my new press is one of  him.   I’m off to the studio to play with my new toy !!


3 thoughts on “The Arrival

  1. Congratulations Jo! It looks fabulous. We are now a two press family.
    Can’t wait to see what you produce on it. I use metal polish and/or Mr Sheen on the bed and rollers and other metal parts of mine. Also use a sheet of clear laminate over the bed. This has helped stop the rust.

    1. Hi Judy, I like that – “Two press family” !! Yes, metal polish might be better as I was worried about transference of the oil onto the blanket – I’ve also put a sheet of clear acetate on the bed and I hope that the rust stays away. I will just have to be vigilant with the metal polish !

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