On the weekend I ventured over the mountain to Keith Smith’s fabulous Rock & Sky studio/gallery space set in his tranquil garden at Lunnawanna on Bruny island.   Sun ju Han (a visiting artist from Korea) had a fabulous exhibition “Island Story” featuring her exquisite  hand made paper bowls.  In conjunction with this she generously shared her Joomchi skills with some eager Bruny Islanders. 

Joomchi is a new word and paper process for me.   It is a Korean form of felting hanji paper.   The term joomchi is derived from the Korean expression “making a journey.” You use thin rice paper and water to produce durable textured and collaged or layered sheets.      The process is simple but requires patience and  practice to develop a rhythm and style.   I managed to make 3 small sheets of paper during the afternoon.  It takes time to work the paper sheet rhythmically between your hands, continuously agitating it  so that the paper fibres meld and become one.  You end up with a very strong, crinckly and beautifully textured sheet of paper that contains tiny pinholes which are characteristic of joomchi.  I am very keen to try this process again and use some natural plant dyes or the cyanotype process to dye the paper.   It was a fabulous afternoon of learning in a wonderful setting.   Thankyou Sun ju, Keith and Hana.

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