Bruny Alphabet

I’ve had an insanely mad and productive, labour intensive  month or so creating 25 lino blocks for my ‘Bruny Alphabet’ series.    It has been in my head for a while and it’s great to see it finally manifest.  Every spare minute of my time I’ve been carving my lino blocks and proofing.   Many late nights and my 25 lino blocks are finished, printed and  my Bruny Alphabet is ready for framing.  

How lucky I am to call Bruny Island “home”.  It is such a privilege to be surrounded by the astonishing natural beauty of Bruny land and seascapes.  My Bruny Alphabet- a series of 25 lino prints is a celebration of the diverse and magnificent flora, fauna and marine life that also inhabit this little island at the bottom of the world.

A – Abalone, B – Brown tree frog, C – Chiton,  D – Dragonfly, E – Echidna, F – Forty Spotted Pardalote, G – Geese (the two white geese on the way to the ferry! ), H – Hobart Brown Butterfly, I – Isoodon Obesulus (Southern Brown Bandcoot),  J – Jack Jumper, K- Kelp gulls, L – Lissotes Menaclas (Mount Mangana Stag Beetle), M – Masked Owl, N – Nodding Greenhood Orchid, O – Oyster Catcher, P – Possum, Q – Quoll, R – Rabbit, S – Swift Parrot, T – Tasmanian Waratah, U – Urchin, V- Velvet Seastar, W – White Wallaby, X – Xanthorrehoea australis (grasstree), Y – Yellow sundial shell, Z – Zoothera Lunalata (Bassian Thrush)    

Each lino print is 15cm x 15cm, printed in rich black lithographic ink (ie: black with lots of blue mixed in to soften it) and printed with my etching press onto Canson Edition  250gsm, Antique white paper.

(You can click on the images below and view them in a larger format.)