My new Studio Space

I have slowly been  setting  up my new studio space since the move & struggling with feeling comfortable and creative in the new space.   The space is  small, it’s a wierd “L” shape,   it doesn’t have much natural light, or view or ventilation !!   But…. I try to  make the most of it, remain positive about it and try to love it ‘warts n’ all’  & make the space work for me.    On the upside – it is solely my space, it has lots of nice shelving and I have good immediate access to undercover outside space with running water  !    I’m still setting up but it’s  at a workable stage now and I’ve started printmaking again.  I’ve also been lucky enough to borrow a piece of very important equipment for a printmaker –  A fabulous sturdy old brownbuilt paper drawer !   Hooray – no more rolling up my precious paper.   This will make such a difference to me and will make life on the ‘paper front’ so much easier.   Thanks April !  The space is coming together but I do miss my old Green Room.








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