Prussian Blue cyanotypes

FINALLY… I’VE BUSTED OUT OF MY CREATIVE BLOCK and have made some embossed paper Cyanotype wall hangings.   Cyanotype printing is a non-toxic process that was developed in 1842.  Early botanists used the process to capture minute details of plants.   The resulting image is a stable Prussian Blue print.

 The cyanotype process is a way of portraying the subject using a light sensitive emulsion and developing the image by the light of the Sun.  The prints are sometimes referred to as sun prints or photograms.  It is a process that requires patience as the Tasmanian sun does not always perform on cue !

Here are a few pics of my cyanotype work that I have just put into our Bruny Island  “Imprint of Bruny” art exhibition.    The embossed wall hangings are titled “Imprint of Bruny”  – Beach walk, Paddock, Garden & Oyster Catcher.  They  are the result of my Bruny  walks on  Hansson’s beach & Highwood’s paddocks and garden.  They derive from found objects and plant specimens,  handmade papercuts & photographs from my walks.

To prevent cyanotypes from fading they should be kept out of direct sunlight.  If they do  happen to fade over time,  you just pop them into a dark cupboard for a while and, magically, the colour revitalises !