Prussian Blue cyanotypes

FINALLY… I’VE BUSTED OUT OF MY CREATIVE BLOCK and have made some embossed paper Cyanotype wall hangings.   Cyanotype printing is a non-toxic process that was developed in 1842.  Early botanists used the process to capture minute details of plants.   The resulting image is a stable Prussian Blue print.

 The cyanotype process is a way of portraying the subject using a light sensitive emulsion and developing the image by the light of the Sun.  The prints are sometimes referred to as sun prints or photograms.  It is a process that requires patience as the Tasmanian sun does not always perform on cue !

Here are a few pics of my cyanotype work that I have just put into our Bruny Island  “Imprint of Bruny” art exhibition.    The embossed wall hangings are titled “Imprint of Bruny”  – Beach walk, Paddock, Garden & Oyster Catcher.  They  are the result of my Bruny  walks on  Hansson’s beach & Highwood’s paddocks and garden.  They derive from found objects and plant specimens,  handmade papercuts & photographs from my walks.

To prevent cyanotypes from fading they should be kept out of direct sunlight.  If they do  happen to fade over time,  you just pop them into a dark cupboard for a while and, magically, the colour revitalises !

6 thoughts on “Prussian Blue cyanotypes

    1. Hello Kim, Good to hear from you. It’s been decided that the Bruny Island Bird Festival exhibition will happen every 2 years …….so will be on again in October 2012. Plenty of time to get some Birdie bowls or photos happening for it !! Do you want me to give your email to the organisers so you can get all the blurb ? You are doing some fabulous stuff and I love having your platter in our kitchen. love Jo 🙂

    2. Hi again Kim, Forgot to say………yes there is a Bruny Island Bird Art Exhibition this year as part of the Bird Festival. It’s in October. I’ll send you the blurb once we get it. It’s open to all – not just islanders. Jo

  1. These look wonderful Jo. I love cyanotypes. I’m doing a joint workshop with Renata Buziak ( as part of a big project next year – She is going to do cyanotypes with kids and I am going to do ….? something digital? with the cyanotypes they make.
    Great to see you’re started working again.

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