Book Press

I have been very lucky.   People have been incredibly generous loaning me various bits and pieces for my studio.   I now have, on loan, this lovely old Book Press (Thanks Jenny !)  I’m not sure how old  it is but, although in good working order,  it looks pretty old.  I’ve already found it to be very useful for framing / glueing purposes.    I’ve just given her a bit of an oil and  polish and she sits there gleaming, ready for use, beckoning me to make some relief woodblock prints.

4 thoughts on “Book Press

  1. Jo do you have an etching press there ? I was just wondering what would happen if you e.g., put an inked up collagraph , with damp paper…………..and then put a thick piece of (upholstery) some foam (sponge) on top of that and then put that in this book press and apply pressure ?? Would that work ?? Just a thought I hav’nt tried it myself Love to know if you do try it.

    1. Hi Aine, I do have an etching press. Not sure if the book press would work for intaglio even if you used some sort of foam. Would be a good experiment to do at some stage.

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