Digital fumblings

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Ideas for hybrid ‘tradigital’ works are always lurking in the back of my mind. I’m new to the digital realm and I’m on a steep learning curve figuring out how to create and use my digital images in combination with my traditional printmaking. I’m fumbling my way along the digital path and mucking around with some mobile digital iphone making of paintings, drawings & patterns during snatched spare moments. Some of the iphone art apps are amazingly good and some are amazingly crappy. My eyes have been opened to a whole world of mobile iphoneographers out there. I aim to combine my ‘digital fumblings’ with my traditional printmaking in some way. I’m not sure how the two very different practices are going to come together and manifest as resolved and successful prints?

I realise that you can achieve incredible amounts of detail though digital methods and so I understand the appeal. But for me there is a problem with digital prints. They do impress me when they are on a computer screen but once zapped from their virtual state of being and printed into reality on a 2d paper format they lose appeal due to great lack of ‘surface quality’. The art work surface is ‘dead’ and flat and once the light from the computer screen is no longer part of the equation – the image always seems so dull. Whenever I print out one of my digital images – I’m always so disappointed and I think that it’s better off left in it’s virtual state in computer land.

The surface quality of traditional printmaking work, on the other hand, is tactile. The surfaces sing with texutre and you can see and feel the layering of inks and the embossment from the printing plates. It somehow seems wholesome and real. You can see & feel the story of the ‘physical’ making of the print.

How will I successfully add a surface to my digital prints ? Can I bring them out of the confines of the computer land onto a 2d paper reality and impart a handmade, textural surface quality ? I hope so. I also need to conduct some research into getting some help with doing my digital layouts and printing my digital images onto archival digital printmaking papers using lightfast inkjet. The paper needs to be such that overprinting intaglio plates, embossing etc. will be a possibility.

I’ve posted some digial abstract patterns I’ve been creating from ordinary photographs and iphone apps. My digital finger paintings and drawings are still ‘behind closed doors’ whilst I learn the capabilities of my apps and have a bit more practice.

OK….. Enough thinking out loud for today !!!

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