Hooray…….Fantastic Summer studio space

Well,  I have been incredibly fortunate and the universe is looking after me !   Thanks to the generosity of the owners, I have myself a fantastic  studio space for the Summer.   I adore it’s quirky bush charm and it has such a wonderful feel with privacy and a great view out onto the Bay.  It has ample natural light and all the facilities that I need.  It also has  lovley little deck overlooking the water and bush garden so I will also be able to work outside in good weather.   It’s going to be such a great creative space and I’m ready for a massive creative stint.   I feel so inspired when I’m there.  I move my beloved and slightly neglected press and gear  in next week.  I’m soooooooo excited and thrilled to pieces.   Thank you H & C.  (Photos will follow once I’m in and set up)    Meanwhile here’s another drypoint collograph I’ve found during the clean up – “Wren on the Rocks”.   There’s lots of little wrens at the new studio !

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