More Cyanotype Wallhangings

I’ve set up a makeshift darkroom and I’m further exploring cyanotype printing – making use of digital negatives in combination with objects placed on my uv sensitive papers.   I’ve embossed each cyanotype and stitched them together as wall hangings.   I love working with cyanotype ….it  gets me outdoors – watching the weather and clouds …..waiting for the right moment to expose the print.   I’ve had a few  underexposed, pale prints due to my impatience, bad timing or an unexpected cloud sneaking in and  blocking the sun.   I’m getting a feel for what works and what doesn’t after much experimentation.  I have much more to explore and feel the  need to make some more larger contact frames.  I’m constantly collecting suitable objects to expose and now when I take a photo I think of how it would work as a digital negative and ultimately a cyanotype !!  Off to the studio today to mix more solution and prep some paper for further experiments.  I’m making a doll for the Uthando Project   and I can use some of my experimental cyanotypes on fabric for her clothing.

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