A little visitor in my Studio

This is Lotus.  She’s an 8 year old Artist from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  A while ago she visited me in my studio and we had a fantastic printmaking day together.  She chose to make her first intaglio print – a  collograph.  She was going to make an image of an Elephant’s butt !  (lol) but she decided to go with an image of  Black Cockatoo.  I decided on Tasmanian Bush Hen.   We thought we might do a print exchange and  make a set of matching prints, keeping one of each others.

I loved the excitement and witnessing Lotus’ astonishment when we peered under the press blankets to reveal successful prints.  What fun we had !  Lotus was so focused and into the process and she actually hid under the table when we pulled her first print in fear that it would not work out after all the hard work.  To our sheer delight we managed to make successful prints.   We were both so involved in the process that I forgot to take photos in the studio but here are our finished collograph prints.

Lotus collograph_wm


Because the time in the studio was so long and intense we broke up the session with box sliding down the big hill high on the back paddock of Highwood and horse walking on the beach with Mowah and Bel.

Box sliding on Highwood - Lotus, Patrick and Jo           044

Miss Lotus and Mowah

Thanks Miss Lotus.  I hope we can do printmaking again together one day.