Ideas for Cyanotypes – thinking out loud into cyberspace !!!

I’m playing with photographing moving plant specimens with the aim of capturing the movement and creating ideal digital negatives for my cyanotypes. After lots of experimentation with cyanotype, I
know only specific digital negatives are successful in the cyanotype process. I have a fairly good feel for what works for my process & what doesn’t. I’m attempting to move away from creating static images & would like to get the feeling of movement into the imagery at the digital negative stage of the process instead of during the cyanotype exposure stage of the process by use of the photogram method. Usually I move the objects during the sun exposure – but this has not always been successful. The idea to create the movement at the initial stage has been playing out in my head for a while & I think I’ve jumped a massive hurdle in figuring out the first step of the process (the photograph) this afternoon. Sometimes the printmaking process can be complex & I love those moments when the process falls into place in my head and I have some clarity about what I want to achieve and how I might get there. Tomorrow into the studio to see if my thinking processes ring true! I have to think in negative images & remind myself of the cyanotype mantra – “if it lets the light through, it will turn blue. If it blocks the light out, it will stay white” !!!








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