Pandanus & Stoned Curlews – Queensland dreaming (Part one – Digital stage….A work in Progress)

Part of my heart still lies in Queensland. I love the Pacific Ocean, the flora and fauna & the Queensland Sunshine. Seeing a friend’s holiday snaps on Insta took me back there in a blink of an eye.
With his permission I am using his photo of Pandanus & imagery of the Bush Stone Curlew bird to create an archival, handmade hybrid print. I’m probably aiming for a drypoint, collograph & cyanotype hybrid……but my process is very experimental, so who knows what the end result will be ! The journey is fun. Last night I played with stage one of my process – taking photos for making the digital negatives. I really like these digital images (they are by no means resolved – this is just the initial stage of my process that I am documenting). I tried some new ways of taking photos & I need to get my hands on an overhead projector & a turntable to further explore my ideas of capturing movement.  I’m finally working on possible ideas that have been seed stage in my head for a long time.  It’s great to be inspired by someone else’s photos from distant islands !  (Stay tuned for Part 2 – Creating the digital negatives.)








Jo Sculthorp experimental photograph stoned curlew



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