Cloudy Bay time out

I’m lucky enough to have some time away at another Artist’s studio space in a wonderful isolated location. It’s great to step away from my own reality for a week. 

I’ve been making some very simple torn paper mini collograph plates to print intaglio. It’s all about converting my rubbish (mostly cardboard packaging & plastics) into printing plates. It’s also all about the TEXTURE … The ink will seek out the tiniest of marks. The mini plates will form parts of landscape in larger works. Time away from my own reality has helped glean a bit of clarity & has pushed me through my creative block & out the other side!  Woo hooooooo!!! I know what I need to do.  I’m  ready for the ink when I get back to my own studio space. It’s been too long between prints !!


Flinders Island Cyanotypes






I recently spent a wonderful week on on Flinders island with Cycle South. The trip was about cycling and art. I took my pasta machine with the idea of making some mini textural collograph plates and printing them on location with the pasta machine. However, with all the cycling & walking, time did not allow me to make & print the collographs whilst on the island. I’ll do these now that I’m back on Bruny. I did have 2 sessions of making some cyanotypes from found objects.


Found a Handy little rock shelf out of the wind for drying 


Young Tama made a print


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