Happy dance

Detail of “Forty Spots on the Rocks”

I began the actual printing of my Collagraph plates this week & after a week of burning the midnight oil, much experimenting & testing, proofing, puzzling & pondering…. I’m finally getting some clean un chaotic compositions & colours with my Bird on Rock series. I very nearly gave up on this idea so  I’m pretty ecstatic right now.

A slow & labour intensive journey toward the manifestation of the final prints that are worthy of showing is always the way with printmaking.  I always used to feel so frustrated & disappointed that my artist proofs were crap & now I accept that the APs are the learning, the testing, the figuring out. It can be a painful journey for a novice like me. Rome wasn’t built in a day !! Printmaking definitely teaches me patience. Oh…. the feeling when you get when you peel back the blankets on the press bed & voila ✨… There lies a beautiful print, with all areas resolved. Your heart sings, you whoop some crazy bird sounds madly into the air, you do a happy dance. That feeling is the reason I do printmaking. I’m so glad I persevered through all the “frustrations & disasters with this set of prints. It’s been in my head for a long time. 

I’m on a roll now …… I still have a lot of work to do but I’ll be proud & excited  to show my final resolved work in a months time at the Bruny Island Bird Festihttp://www.brunybirdfestival.org.au/val Woooohooooo


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