Stamping & signing

I designed a monogram for myself this year & with the help of graphic designer Sarah Owen  & Roeszlers Engraving in Melbourne, I had an embossing stamp made.  It was a costly process but well worth it in terms of being able to put my mark on my work in a professional manner.  The ‘Bird on  Rock’ series is the first time I’ve used it.   I really love it ! 


3 thoughts on “Stamping & signing

  1. The embossing stamp is beautiful. I keep toying with the idea of making a stamp, like the ones used in Japanese prints, but yours is much more stylish and doesn’t dominate in the way a printed on would.

    1. Hi Deborah, I also had some rubber stamps made of my monogram as well and I did intend to use them like a traditional printmaker’s chop, in conjunction with the embossed stamp. However, after a bit of experimentation, I think the use of both of them on one print is too much & distracts from the print. The embossed stamp is quite subtle & I prefer it to the chop.

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