Test prints unearthed

Clutter has slowly been creeping into the  Green Room so I’ve just had a major clean up and throw out.  Lurking underneath piles of  ‘stuff’ were these few random little test prints that I unearthed ! Amongst them some hand coloured polystyrene prints, etched lino, 2 plate collograph plates using stencils and drypoint collographs.  They’re not great,  but a  test plate (a first) always has a certain raw charm and it’s good to keep these proofs  as a record of my learning curve as I experiment with new techniques and mediums.   I went through a monocolour, one layer phase and most of these prints reflect that.  Slowly I am beginning to embrace multi-layers and more colours !!  I thought I’d share this little handful  of  test prints with you 

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Etched Lino

Printed etched lino block today…..it was difficult to print as it was not bitten deeply  the result was “splotchy” and fuzzy.  I definately need a better roller !  The prints weren’t terribly successful and  I’m trying to enhance  them by hand painting !     Managed to “waste”  lots of paper  – trying to achieve a good print of something today !  But as usual BIG learning curve.

Morning yoga

“Morning Yoga – the first 2 “not so successful” experimental bleed prints

Morning yoga

 “Morning Yoga”  – the etched lino block

The lino was blocked out using bitumen paint (and the use of paper stencils) then etched with caustic soda.   Lino mark making is usually so direct and considered but etching lino provides  a whole new and exciting twist – you can achieve  whimsical,   painterly, marks.  I am enthused about lino again.