Woodcut with Michael Schlitz

I’ve finished my Diploma couse !!  It feels so good to see something through to the end.   The last 3 weeks of the course have included a wood cut workshop with  Tasmanian printmaker Michael Schlitz .  He’s a great teacher and I was so grateful that  he spent time showing us how to sharpen our hand tools.  Michael says practice, practice, practice &  I definately need to – it’s difficult to get the correct angle happening.   I splashed out and bought myself a nice little sharpening stone and a couple of new hand tools.    Michael encouraged us to work on a fairly large scale – 900mm x 600mm.   I was a bit nervous about scaling up at first but found it to be incredibly liberating once I started cutting.   We hand printed with  barrens and spoons on to Japanese Kozo paper  and I was surprised at how simple  and quick it was to take a print without the use of a press.   To date this is the largest print I have made.  This is the second  proof of “Shy Albatross and chick”…..it needs a little more cutting and refining but for my first wood cut I am pretty pleased with the result.