Re-purposed prints

For a long time I’ve been thinking about capturing the beautiful moments in my failed prints and turning them into jewellery.  At a workshop last weekend with Shauna Mayben I learned how seal my printed papers into perspex, transforming them into brooches and pendants.    It’s always so exciting to breathe new life into something that would otherwise never see the light of day !

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Paper Jewellery ?

I’ve just started a concept developement class at college  which encourages development of ideas for future work that can be related to current major studio practice or entirely unrelated.   For a while, I have been thinking about  breathing new life into my “failed” proofs  by transforming them  into wearable jewellery.   The print may be a failure but will still contain some beautiful moments and mark making.   I  am trying to capture these marks on the surface of hand rolled paper beads as an initial inquiry into my idea to turn my prints into jewellery.  I made some proto type beads  this week.  It’s cool to be taking my printmaking into an entirely different realm and finding a use for my scrap papers.  Might have to pop into the Jewellery studio at college this week !  Many jewellery related questions buzzing round my head !