Drypoint Monoprint workshop with Deb Wace


I’ve recently made time in my life for my printmaking practice but after preparing the GreenRoom space for a flurry of activity, I felt a bit stuck. It’s been too long between prints. I thought learning a new technique would inspire me and give me some momentum! So……I’ve just completed 2 days of monoprint & drypoint Printmaking with Deb Wace.

I want to move away from precise mark-making & static images. I want to work in a free & spontaneous way. I want to create whimsical, interesting marks implying movement, depth & joy.

Deb’s generous sharing of ideas and teaching over the last few days has given me great inspiration, new methods of working and mark- making . My mind is bubbling over with ideas !

I chose to work with images from my childhood – photos of my sisters & I bouncing on trampolines when we young children. With a drypoint tool, I scratched a quick line sketch into the acetate based on the images in the photos.

The drypoint image on the acetate is then inked in the usual intaglio manner and then ink on the surface of the acetate is manipulated by different means & with different tools to achieve the monoprint. The mark-making is unconstrained, quick & spontaneous. The resulting printed marks are very interesting & lend depth and movement to an otherwise static drypoint image.

There are endless possibilities with monoprint and a huge scope for experimentation. It was a lot of fun playing with the drypoint images.

Below are my favourite set of APs for the day. I used a grouting tool and a scrap piece of card to manipulate the ink & some small paper and thread stencils.
It’s titled “Cosmic Sisters”.

Thank you Deb Wace for a wonderful workshop. Monoprint had opened up a whole new world of possibilities.


Hooray…….Fantastic Summer studio space

Well,  I have been incredibly fortunate and the universe is looking after me !   Thanks to the generosity of the owners, I have myself a fantastic  studio space for the Summer.   I adore it’s quirky bush charm and it has such a wonderful feel with privacy and a great view out onto the Bay.  It has ample natural light and all the facilities that I need.  It also has  lovley little deck overlooking the water and bush garden so I will also be able to work outside in good weather.   It’s going to be such a great creative space and I’m ready for a massive creative stint.   I feel so inspired when I’m there.  I move my beloved and slightly neglected press and gear  in next week.  I’m soooooooo excited and thrilled to pieces.   Thank you H & C.  (Photos will follow once I’m in and set up)    Meanwhile here’s another drypoint collograph I’ve found during the clean up – “Wren on the Rocks”.   There’s lots of little wrens at the new studio !