The Green Room

There was a tumble down little shed on the property where I am living on Bruny Island, Tasmania.  Boris and some friends (thanks T-bone and Chonga) helped me to put a few windows in and fix it up.  It’s now my fabulous little Studio Space – I call it my Green Room.    When a surfer gets inside a tube or “the green room”  it is bliss.    When I get into the studio and play and create, it is my bliss.   Hence “The Green Room”, my little studio space .    It keeps me sane and  I am so very grateful for it.  My own space to make an inky, papery mess (and hopefully some beautiful prints!  whilst I explore the challenging world of Printmaking.     

 Welcome to my Green Room.




September 2011 – The new studio space is an odd shaped white, “L” shaped room  but I’m still calling it my “Green Room” !   It is not ideal for a printmaking space but I am making do and trying to make the space work for me.   I remember a picture of Margaret Preston printmaking on her kitchen table and I feel grateful to have a dedicated space. 




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